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The way to deal with racism is direct action, education, and (intelligently focussed) hard work. Pro-censorship advocates discourage this kind of activity while encouraging us to devote our energies to pleading with the government and the police to please take even more power to determine which ideas are 'legal' and which 'illegal'.
Progressives shouldn't be begging the police to take more power


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  • Out of the crooked timber of humanity no straight thing was ever made.
  • – Immanuel Kant

Gros Morne 2007

Tablelands Gros Morne - Photo by Ulli Diemer

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The real advantage of user fees, from the point of view of those who advocate them, is that they deter the poor from seeking medical care. If the poor can be denied medical care, then those who are not poor can avoid helping to pay for their care.
Ten Health Care Myths

We have to make an issue of the fact that what currently passes for democracy is a best a two-dimensional shadow of what a democratic society ought to be. In contrast to the parliamentary obsession of the NDP, we should be offering the model of a radically democratic society, in which power is taken away from corporations, governments, bureaucracies, and experts, and dispersed widely.
Let's Stop Kidding Ourselves About the NDP

Ulli’s Attic

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Returning to Chess
Rediscovering chess.
Response to criticisms of Dances with Guilt
A critique of Dances with Guilt said comments and attitudes are forms of ‘violence’ comparable to, or worse than, physical violence. This response argues that while verbal and emotional abuse can be very hurtful, beating someone up is qualitatively different from verbal aggression, and we should not say they are the same.
Green Municipalism
A green municipalist analysis offers valuable perspectives but can become a straightjacket if it is seen as ‘the’ answer.
What’s Wrong with Front Yard Parking?
The negative effects of front yard parking are significant, and affect us all. The benefits are small, and go only to a few.
War in the Gulf
Written upon the outbreak of the 1991 Iraq War.
Free Trade Debate: Look at the Contents, Not Just the Label
A response to criticisms of ‘What Do We Do Now? Building a social movement in the aftermath of Free Trade’.
Looking for Democracy
The revolutionary upheavals in Eastern Europe are an inspiration for everyone working for social change and show us that even the most seemingly entrenched system of control can be overthrown by popular movements.
The Capital Punishment Debate
The cold-blooded killing of a human being is horrifying. The existence of capital punishment make us all complicit in killing, and degrades us as a society. Available in French Available in Spanish Available in Chinese.
Progressives shouldn't be begging the police to take more power
The last thing we need is to hand the police even more power to decide what we are allowed to see or read.
Chemicals in your water: A little is too much
The irresponsible dumping of chemicals in and near water endangers us all.
Soil removal a possibility
The soil around houses in South Riverdale is so contaminated with lead that it may have to be removed.
150 Years of Dirty Water
Toronto’s water has been polluted pretty much since the beginning. That doesn’t mean we should put up with it.
Teaching adults how to read
Learning to read means gaining more control over one’s life.
Marguerite has come a long way
Literacy student writes the story of her life.
Constructive criticism can be a good thing
It’s counterproductive to say that for the sake of “unity” we shouldn’t criticize others in the environmental movement. Principled debate and critcism when it is called for helps us clarify issues and move forward.
The Bomb won't go away on its own
Our task is to break out of this closed self-justifying system by depriving governments of the passive populations they need, by refusing to accept the choices we are offered and instead becoming active participants pressuring them to accept our proposals.
The police vs. the law
In a democracy the police have to obey the law. In a police state, they don't.
Toronto's finest
Too many cops seem to enjoy intimidating people and smashing things.
The Canada Metals Story: A chronology
The ongoing struggle against lead pollution in South Riverdale.
Preface to Martin Glaberman’s Four Essays on the Working Class
Glaberman insists that the working class is not merely a victim of capitalism — working people are active participants in creating their own consciousness, their methods of struggle and their own history.
Radical Newspapers
A radical newspaper succeeds to the extent that in engages in dialogue with its readers and community, rather than it preaching to them.
Some of my best comrades are friends
The left's sloppy use of language indicates sloppy thinking.
This book explains why things don’t work (book review)
There are lots of guides explaining how things work. This one explains how they don’t -- and why they don’t.
Anarchism vs. Marxism
Anarchist critiques of Marxism typically reveal a lack of knowledge of what Karl Marx actually wrote, resulting in sterile denunciations of a straw-man opponent.Available in Spanish.
Bakunin vs. Marx
The anarchist-Marxist split started with Bakunin, who systematically misrepresented Marx’s positions.Available in Spanish.
Obscenity Exposed
The police definition of ‘obscenity’ gets right to the crux of the question.
What is Libertarian Socialism?
Revolution is a collective process of self-liberation: people and societies are transformed through their struggles for freedom and for a better world.Available in Spanish.
Bain Co-op meets Wages for Housework
The story of the struggle that gave birth to a housing co-operative and destroyed the credibility of the ‘Wages for Housework’ sect.
He who pays the piper
Community groups have become dependent on government money resulting in an erosion of their community base and their independence.
How they shot those campus bums
The Truth About Kent State (review).
Hungary 1956: A workers’ revolt crushed by the “workers’ state”
The Hungarian revolution, brief though it was, did as much as a century of socialist theorizing to show what a united and determined people could do to transform their society.
Funk Familienstammbaum
Karl Heinz Diemer 1920 - 2006
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