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The free market doesn’t ‘deliver the goods’ for most of the world’s people. It delivers a lot of goods for a few, a fairly decent standard of living for a larger number, and much, much less for the majority. The free market isn’t just the stockbrokers on Bay Street making several hundred thousand year, it’s also the cleaners in those same building making $7 an hour.
Free markets

Book Reviews
By Ulli Diemer

For Reasons of State
By Noam Chomsky.
Four Essays on the Working Class, by Martin Glaberman
Preface by Ulli Diemer
From Lenin to Stalin
A first-hand account of the Stalinist takeover in Russia.
The Householder’s Guide to Community Defence Against Bureaucratic Aggression
By Antony Jay
How Things Don’t Work
By Victor Papanek & James Hennessey
The I.F. Stone’s Weekly Reader
By I.F. Stone.
The Internet Handbook for Writers, Researchers and Journalists
By Mary McGuire, Linda Stilborne, Melinda McAdams, Laurel Hyatt
Israel: A Colonial Settle State
By Maxime Rodinson
NetResearch: Finding Information Online
By Daniel J. Barrett
Oxford Guide to Library Research
By Thomas Mann
Secrets of the Super Searchers
By Reva Basch
Secrets of the Super Net Searchers
By Reva Basch
Ten Lost Years
By Barry Broadfoot.
The Truth About Kent State
By Peter Davies and The Board of Church and Society of The United Methodist Church
The Unfashionable Human Body
By Bernard Rudolfsky

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Four Books About Online Research
Bookworm’s goulash: A taster’s choice of the good, bad and indifferent

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