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Stone is serious, deeply serious, committed, and often appalled and angry at the truths he discovers. But he’s aware that a ponderous, moralizing tone wins few converts. Reading the articulate, urbane, and frequently witty Weekly was a reading pleasure, not a self-imposed penance dutifully performed.
Twenty Years of I. F. Stone

Perhaps the major irony of the Trotskyists’ insistence on a united disciplined party under centralized leadership is that what this model actually produces is factionalism, disunity, and split after split. Every Leninist with leadership pretensions secretly imagines himself to be the new Lenin, the infallible leader prepared to split any organization that deviates from what he sees as the correct line. The hothouse world of the Trotskyist vanguard party concentrates tensions and egos that sooner or later explode.
Trotskyism and the Vanguard Party

Varsity Articles (selection)
By Ulli Diemer

The Householder’s Guide to Community Defence Against Bureaucratic Aggression
Organizational principles and campaign tactics communities can use to fight projects or developments being foisted on them.
Trotskyism and the Vanguard Party
Trotskyists maintain that the vanguard party model holds the key to bringing about revolutionary change but the record of Trotksyism shows that vanguard parties are actually a political dead end.
Hungary 1956: A workers’ revolt crushed by the “workers’ state”
The Hungarian revolution, brief though it was, did as much as a century of socialist theorizing to show what a united and determined people could do to transform their society.
Twenty years of I.F. Stone
Perceptive, analytical, well-written, witty, and drawing on a vast, eclectic store of knowledge.
New Hogtown Press
Profile of a left-wing Canadian book and magazine publisher.
How they shot those campus bums
Book review of The Truth About Kent State.
For Reasons of State
Review of essays by Noam Chomsky
From Lenin to Stalin
Review of a first-hand account of the Stalinist takeover in Russia (review).
International communism well documented in new publications
A review of International Communism in the era of Lenin: A Documentary History; Soviet Russia Masters the Comintern: International Communism in the Era of Stalin’s Ascendancy; and The First Three Internationals: Their History and Lessons.
Review of Israel: A Colonial Settler State
The tragedy of two peoples brought into conflict by forces largely outside of their control.
The Unfashionable Human Body
A journey through the vagaries of fashion (book review).
Ten Lost Years
Review of Barry Broadfoot’s oral history of the Great Depression of the 1930s.
Bookworm’s goulash: A taster's choice of the good, bad and indifferent
Potpourri of books.
Canada is nice, American author declares
American author flails at straw men.
Zeitlin lifts Sociology election veto
Sociology department politics.
Viet peace will come with victory
Editorial on the Vietnam War.


Because things are the way they are, things will not stay the way they are.