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Self-Determination for Whom?

By Ulli Diemer

Writing in the Globe and Mail (December 2), Pierre Bourgault takes English Canadians to task for not speaking out loudly enough in favour of Quebec's right to self-determination.

"The problem," he writes, "is that a lot of people are in favour of the principle of self-determination for all the people of the world except the people of Quebec."

Perhaps Prof. Bourgault could set us an example by speaking out himself in support of the right of self-determination for all the people of Quebec, including those who don't want to be part of an independent Quebec.

When may we expect the publication of his spirited defence of self-determination for the Cree of Northern Quebec? If the people of some regions of Quebec, say the Eastern Townships or Montreal, want to remain part of Canada rather than join an independent Quebec, may we look forward to hearing Prof. Bourgault's voice defending their right to self-determination, even if that means seceding from Quebec?

Surely Prof. Bourgault and his fellow independentistes would not allow themselves to be guilty of "the silence, the indifference, even the scorn" for the principle of self-determination which he claims typifies the attitude of non-Quebecers?

Ulli Diemer
December 2, 1994


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Ulli Diemer