The evidence from all OECD countries shows that the private sector is far more bureaucratic and much less efficient than the public sector when it comes to providing health care.
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Gentlemen from Hooker - and many other places - are quite literally pouring these and many other poisons into your coffee and your kids' juice. They just do it in a more indirect, anonymous, and apparently socially acceptable way.
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  • Capital is reckless of the health or length of life of the laborer, unless under compulsion from society.
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Smearing Noam Chomsky

By Ulli Diemer

Letter to the Editor, NOW Magazine:

One can only speculate whether Phil Paine's fabrications about Noam Chomsky are the product of a sick mind or part of a politically motivated smear campaign (NOW, April 25).

What is certain is that NOW was guilty of a grave lapse in editorial judgement in printing Paine's clearly libellous letter, which falsely alleges that "Chomsky actively supported the genocide in Pol Pot's Cambodian dictatorship".

It may be NOW's policy to encourage controversy in its letters section, but legal prudence, as well as common decency, should dictate that the line be drawn short of publishing outright libel.

Chomsky's writings on Cambodia are readily accessible. They contain not one word of support for the murderous atrocities of the Khmer Rouge, as anyone who cares about the truth can readily confirm. On the contrary, he condemns them on countless occasions.

The deliberate use of outrageous lies to smear others has been a favourite tactic of hate propagandists from Josef Goebbels to Phil Paine. It is unfortunate that by its lapse in journalistic responsibility NOW allowed itself to be used as a vehicle for disseminating Paine's slanders.

Ulli Diemer
28 April, 1996

Ulli Diemer