The evidence from all OECD countries shows that the private sector is far more bureaucratic and much less efficient than the public sector when it comes to providing health care.
Ten Health Care Myths

Gentlemen from Hooker - and many other places - are quite literally pouring these and many other poisons into your coffee and your kids' juice. They just do it in a more indirect, anonymous, and apparently socially acceptable way.
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In a Direct Line - Photo by Ulli Diemer

Israel's attack on the
UN post in Lebanon

By Ulli Diemer

Letter to the Editor, Globe & Mail
July 28, 2006

The Globe's editorial (July 27) categorically dismisses the suggestion that Israel deliberately bombed the United Nations outpost in Lebanon. "Why would they do such a thing?", the editorial asks, "knowing the deaths would provoke outrage around the world?"

Why? Because Israel doesn't want impartial witnesses to its invasion of Lebanon. Because the Israeli military is angry with UNIFIL for providing independent verification of indiscriminate Israeli attacks on Lebanese civilians. Because Israel is furious that UN officials, including Louise Arbour, the UN Commissioner for Human Rights and Jan Egeland, the UN's top humanitarian official, have warned that Israel is violating international law.

This is by no means the first time Israel has attacked UN positions or the staff of humanitarian agencies. Two days before the attack on the UN observers, Israeli forces attacked a clearly marked Red Cross ambulance, injuring nine ambulance workers. In 1996, during a previous invasion of Lebanon, Israel attacked a UN post in Qana, killing 106 civilians who had sought safety there.

As for world outrage, Israel's leaders could care less. Israel's superpower patron, the United States, supports everything Israel does and keeps supplying money and arms, while the U.S. and Canadian media provide uncritical support.

Why would Israel do such a thing? Because they know they'll get away with it.

Ulli Diemer

Ulli Diemer

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