In August of this year, the MRG bade a fond farewell to Ulli Diemer. Ulli, in his role as Administrative Co-ordinator, had the many and varied responsibilities of keeping the MRG organized and functioning. Many of our accomplishments over the past 12 years would not have been possible without his administrative skills.

Ulli has moved on to become General Manager of "Sources", an independent general reference publication specializing in the provision of human contacts. In Ulli's words: "I am taking on some new commitments, a key component of which will be a project I'm very excited about, to make the ideas and analyses of the left more widely available through a variety of electronic and print formats." We wish him continued success.

Janet Maher was hired in August as our new Administrator. In addition to her data management skills, Janet has been a long-time activist on women's, social policy and social planning issues. She has not only written briefs for many voluntary sector advocacy groups over the years on federal-provincial and municipal legislation, funding arrangements, and taxation relating to education, health, and social assistance, and the like, but has worked with a broad range of membership-based groups to organize educational, media and lobby campaigns on Medicare, child care, the constitution, pay and employment equity, and community economic development, to name just a few.

Our new administrator has a wealth of experience with volunteer boards, having served on several herself, including the Canadian Health Coalition, and the National Action Committee on the Status of Women. She also participated on the Women and Tax working group of the Ontario Fair Tax Commission. Janet continues to be active as chairperson of her local social planning council.

Janet's fax and e-mail networks are without equal in the progressive community, and we look forward to working with a very able successor to Ulli Diemer.

Medical Reform Issue #95 - Volume 15, Number 2 - October 1995